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Laura of Round Hill, VA on Feb. 5, 2012

Since 2009, I've had to fend off a Verizon collection agency to advise them that I do not owe the debt in collection, or any portion thereof. In October 2009, I signed up for a one-month free trial residential high speed internet account. It took countless telephone calls to Verizon and multiple Verizon technicians home visits to troubleshoot the lack of connection issue. To help remedy the problem, a Verizon employee opened up a separate account number in my name without closing the existing original account, making it appear that I had more than one internet account.

Then Verizon started sending me bills for separate internet accounts! I made regular payments on the bill for my original account, but when I refused to pay the other duplicate, illegitimate account; they closed my connection and sent my account to collection. For an entire year I invested my personal time and money trying to get Verizon customer service personnel and various managers to remedy this issue, but they insisted that they were unable to close the duplicate account until I paid the account in full and then they would send me a refund.

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Here's one of my experiences with Verizon and this is on their copper side:

We had a hunt group and one member of the hunt group was configured by Verizon as a P-phone. This type of line works with Nortel Meridian sets. I tried explaining to our rep that we didn't have a Nortel system, it was an AT&T/Lucent/Avaya pbx and could we please convert to a standard loop start line.

It went nowhere. So I called the rep back and asked them to remove the p-phone number from the pool. And once that was done to add a new number to the pool. They discouraged me from doing so. Hell, just tell me where the new number comes in on your cabinet and I can cross connect. Nope, they won't budge.

So after that exercise in futility we just kept getting complaints of a line that rang and rang, and went to a voicemail box attached to the p- phone.

A large part of it is that Verizon flushed out all it's experienced folks. So now all we're left with is the telephone sanitizers.

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