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Robert L Bass wrote:

>I think the trouble in the first place is the > > customer suspects he is getting poor > > customer service or value for the dollar > > he is spending with his current provider > > for some reason.... > > He may be right. Following are a few quotes from other folks about Slomins.

Decide for yourself.

> "june262004 > Member since 5/05 > 6821 total posts > Name: > Kristin > Re: Security Systems... > We have Protection One. No complaints. We signed with Slomins and cancelled

cause they failed to mention the 5 year Lein they put on

your house" > > "Diana1215 > Member since 10/05 > 3170 total posts > Name: > Diana > Re: Security Systems... > I had a Slomins guy come to give us a quote on an Alarm System....I was

soooooo turned off on the salesman I couldn't wait for him

to get out of my house..." > > The above are from: >
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> > "Slomins Alarm Systems > > Senior Scam DVD > DVD helps seniors avoid telemarketing scams. Order now! >
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> > > "Wayne of New Castle DE (07/06/06) > I disconnected my landline phone in May 2005. We were not aware that this

would stop the signal from going to the monitoring center.

In November 2005, the alarm went off twice due to a bad wind storm. We were

then informed that the system was searching for a

landline. So we thought our home was being monitored but it was not. Slomin's

never contacted us to tell us there was a problem and

that they were not receiving a signal from our home. > So I called Verizon and installed a new landline phone service. Slomin's then

told me that the system was still not working and that

I needed to pay for a service call of $79.00 per hour to have the service

fixed. I then asked to be disconnected from the security

system and they told me to do it in writing. Which I did in December 2005.

Then they sent me a bill for $1257.25 for a disconnection

fee. I told them they could come get the equipment from my home but they never

came to get it. So now they are suing me for the

money which I feel they are the ones that broke the contract first by not

contacting me when they were not receiving a signal.

Slomin is suing me and I can't afford to pay for something especially when I

am receiving nothing in return."

This came from: >
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> > "Another favorite word among marketers is "free," even when it's not entirely

accurate, reader Leo Powelstock of Oradell points out.

Powelstock, a former president of the Better Business Bureau for Bergen,

Passaic and Rockland Counties was alarmed by a recent

newspaper ad for The Slomin's Shield in which key information "is conspicuous

by its absence."

"How much does our advanced home security system cost you?" the ad asks in

large, boldface type. "It's FREE!" it answers itself, in

even larger type. > But it's not free. The small type near the bottom of the ad tells consumers

that a five-year monitoring agreement is required.

And what does that cost? It doesn't say, so I called the toll-free number. The

customer service rep said she wasn't sure - her job

appeared to be to gather information to arrange a call from the company's

sales rep - but, after checking with a supervisor, came up

with $25.45 per month if you sign a five-year agreement. > Do the math, and you find the "free" system will cost $1,527." > From: >

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You know this *will* result in a complaint with your ISP. I'm certain Bass has told you (as he's told me) that he doesn't want to receive emails from you... :-)

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Frank Olson

If his ISP is like mine they will promptly ignore it.

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