The Fire Alarm experts Strike Again

Friend of mine asked me to install a Burglar alarm at a large retail store which the place he works for just recently moved to after losing there previous lease. The store is fully sprinklered and has a fire system by another large Burg/Fire installing company and I made sure before starting that he realy wanted me to do the burg alarm and not the company that did the fire work. He said he did not want them doing the becuse he was displeased with how the fire system was put in. The store owner has an electronics backround so he had an inkling things were not done properly. After I get my burg system installed and working the sales (pig) rep shows up from other company upset they did not get the burg work and said I installed used products and they were all obsolete. mind you what I installed was all new Honeywell and some of it was beta products not even on the market yet. The sales (Pig) Rep was shown the door and 3 days ago a small flash fire developed when chemichals flashed over in a utilty room and luckily fire dept responded when smoke went off but system it self never sounded. only keypad beeped. tech from fire company came out and found wire on horn circuit was not hooked to panel.Horn ciruit was never supervised. So much for there superior systems and installs. seems like these fire experts never learn. and now the AHJ is not to pleased abiut the situation.

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nick markowitz
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I can only relate to what I have experienced. If someone had just moved in that means a new CO right? That means the AHJ must have just had it tested and tagged in the not too distant past to obtain the CO. There had to be some tags on the system if it was already installed showing last test date, results etc. Seems that would be fairly fresh on everyones mind. This might be a "whodunit" with an unhappy ending for someone.

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Roland Moore

New CO for a new tenant? I would think only if new TI was done and permit was issued...othewise how?

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