Ok, now I know how they thought they could get away with sending me a long distance bill. They slammed me. Inter-Tel which carries the LD on all my toll free lines called me yesterday to ask me why I had switched my office lines back to AT&T after just switching them over to them in January with my toll free lines.

HEY AT&T I canned your lousy ass because you suck, your customer service sucks, your rates suck, and your five hundred level round about auto attendant sucks.

In case you didn't get it the first time AT&T sucks.

(Ok Frank make that 13.)

-- Sincerly, The guy who makes the final decision on who we buy from AGAIN!!! Bob La Londe

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Bob La Londe
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You can put a slam block on your numbers you know.

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Crash Gordon

AT&T is your god, take the abuse and smile, you like the customer service, you like the rates AND you like the five hundred level round about auto attendant whatever thinggie

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