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KXTD The KXTD Guru claims Panasonic is dropping the KXTD line. Is ths true?

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Bob La Londe
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Panasonic is a consumer electronics company at its core. They are always discontinuing one product line or another. It is part and parcel to the go to market strategy for Panasonic. That means when it breaks go buy a new one, because the old on can't be fixed. It is why I never sell it, because no matter what it is, if Panasonic makes the gear it can't be supported in the long run. The last thing Panasonic did was end of life a video switch. Since we had to maintain it that really put the wood to us. Extra bad since it was wired without data cables to the PTZ cameras, just up the snoot coax. In the video world AD, Bosch, and Pelco have the same gear for decades and support it darn near forever on certain big ticket items.

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Just Looking

Possibly. However, they are certainly not getting out of the CCTV business. They recently appointed a new primary distributor for the North American market. We carry over 700 of Panasonic's current CCTV products in our online store. There are many more and they'll be added as time allows.

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Robert L Bass

However, before anyone considers buying from you, it certainly would be a good idea for them to take a look at your horrendous Better Business Bureau record. Anyone in the business of selling security equipment should at least be cautious enough to keep a good clean record. But .... since you are a convicted felon and responsible for someones death anyway ..... what could a little BBB bad record be .... in comparison.

Check it out:

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Jeeeeeze you're so pitifully stupid. You spend a lifetime stepping on people and then expect to be able to get away with fooling everyone, that you're ligitimate.

Get a life ..... oooops! That's right ..... you can't ..... Oh well.

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