Panasonic call blocker [telecom]

(There is a Panasonic Call Bloker) For about $110 - claims to be preloaded with 14000 robocall/telemarketing numbers.

Is this worthwhile? Seems to me a lot of the nuisance calls use spoofed numbers.


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Let’s talk about the real problem instead of magic boxes which depend on me believing that I have to pay for someone else’s greed. In a nutshell, it's that the telemarketing industry is taking advantage of the telephone etiquette that Americans were taught in schools at a young age: I learned in college that "Ma Bell" paid to distribute educational materials to elementary schools nationwide, so as to inculcate the next generation of consumers with habits that would increase profits:

  • Answer calls quickly
  • Be polite and listen carefully
  • Pay attention to what the caller is saying
  • Take notes

Those lessons are still being taught, although by different means: I doubt there is anyone under 40 years old who could stand the thought of letting the electronic leash in their pocket buzz more than three times before they strike a pose and push "answer," just like all the actors on TV shows taught them to.

The only solution to ever-more-intrusive sales tactics is to demand that our elected leaders start to care about OUR quality of life and OUR right to have the quiet enjoyment of OUR free time.

At the moment, they obviously couldn’t care less.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne

Am 14.01.2023 um 13:37:37 Uhr schrieb Julian THOMAS:

Most abusive/advert calls I receive are from spoofed numbers, so such devices won't really help.

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Marco Moock

You must be joking.

If someone is so rude as to make an unscheduled voice call, they go direct to voicemail. If it was important they would have sent a text.


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Garrett Wollman

It's possible you're observing a cultural shift that I haven't been exposed to. I know that my son, who is 32, ignores voice mails and didn't even set up a mailbox until he'd had his cellphone for over a year. However, I have always been surprised by how quickly both he and his friends check *ANY* signal from their cellphones, so I think my point is valid, at least for the millennial generation.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne

I simply don't understand that bizarre train of thought, but it is a very frustrating one to someone like myself, who does not use text messages.

From the perspective of someone who is 27 (late Millennial), I think that you have a valid point. I don't care for smart phones, and I don't have one, which is quite a buck to the current trend. I am quick to answer the telephone when it rings.

With most other people my age, they avoid answering phone calls, for reasons unknown to me. Their attention has shifted to social media... also text messages. Many will immediately hop to their phone if a text dings through (even if just to read and ignore), which I agree has replaced the need to answer a ringing phone for them.

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