HomeSeer voice and Key System ?

I have been looking and HomeSeer voice for years....

But we have a Panasonic KXTD-1232 in the house... so there is no place to put the Modem...

We would need to pick up a phone, Dial '9' and THEN #, and it still might not get the right line (yes I know we can dial 8 + line number)

Is there an Easier Way? Can I give it an extension and have it pick up the line on the first ring? (give each phone a HomeSeer speed dial?)

Lastly... I assume that the HomeSeer modem is so expensive because it has that weird "#" intercept stuff in it... If I don't need it because of my PBX, can I use another modem ?

Bob Sisson

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Bob Sisson
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Well, in theory you could also use the speech recognition interface. Connect an extension to a sound card (add another one using USB) just for the recog. Then you'd just call the extension and speak to it. Homeseer's forums might be more helpful.

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On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 09:59:11 -0400, "Bob Sisson" wrote (with possible editing):

Pretty much the same setup with the addition of an HAI Omni Pro II. There are several alternatives. The 1232 feeds both digital and analog extensions. You can designate any ANALOG (normally begins with "2") extension for the Homeseer modem; then you would simply call the extension and be connected to the Homeseer. Do you still need the "#"? I don't know, but you could easily program in the extension number, a pause, and then the "#" in your speed dial. In my case, I connected the HAI to an outgoing line BEFORE connecting to the key system. That is because I considered the alarm function more important than the telephone AND it prevents ANY interference with the alarm functions by the telephone system. (The HAI seizes the line and disconnects it from the key system).

If you want to maintain better (but not perfect) compatibility, you can get some stuff from Sandman

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which will tell your 1232 that a line is in use when it is seized by whichever device seizes it ahead of the 1232.

I don't know the answer to your last question, but there is a HomeSeer bbs on the web at

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I have found HomeSeer support pretty bad, but the folks on the board will answer if they can.

Good luck,

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