Panasonic TDA-50 phone with TVA-50 voicemail questions

Our Panasonic installer is here getting our phone system and voicemail connected. So far it's been a frustrating ordeal to say the least.

Our installer tried to tell me in order to have voicemail on all phones with voicemail would have to have the FWD/DND light flash continuousely (KX-T7633). I told him no way would I accept "normal operation" to have flashing lights on the phones. Flashing lights means there's something that needs your attention. He then messed with it for an hour and came back and told me that he was able to get the light to stay ON steady. The phone is a kx-t7633. Does this sound right? Does this light have to be on in order to voicemail to work? Right now the Auto ANS light is on full time and I guess I undrestand that (for auto intercom answer). The light is stuck on which I guess is a system setting, but Is there a way to control the lights on these phones? I would prefer that there are no lights on unless you are using the phone. I can live with the Auto Ans, but really want to know about hte FWD/DND having to be on in order for voicemail to work.

I guess I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out if the installer has a clue. "He keeps telling me he's never been able to do it any other way", which to me is a signal that he's never reached out for help (like I'm doing now). One thing about being good at what you do is to understand that you dont' always know everything and sometimes a call to panasonic is a good thing. Afterall, panasonic makes these models "dealer only" installs, so there dealers need know what they are doing.

Also this morning, my voicemail light was on so I went into my voicemail (intercom, message button) (Is that the only way to do it? Can't it just be the message button like one would think?) After going into voicemail I deleted all of the test messages he left yesturday but the voicemail light is still ON GRRR... AND I can't get back into voidemail using "Intercom message" double GRRR.

He's coming back today, but I'd like to have a better undrestanding as to whether he has a clue.

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So you found the solid FWD/DND option for forward. The blinking now becomes DND. It can be disabled, but the standard practice is to leave it that way so you know it's set.

The AUTO answer can also be disabled and set to ON all the time, but now the button won't do anything.

Make sure you get a copy of the Operating Manual and the PTPM, along with the ADMIN access to the system. Panasonic suggests that you also get all passwords, but it's not mandatory.

In the Appendix of the operations manual is a set of numeric codes. In the *7xx codes, you'll find most of the stuff you're looking for. For example, *700 plus your extension will cancel ALL message waiting lights. If you press the message button and look at the display, it will show you where the message came from. Dialing 701 101 from another phone for exiample will LIGHT the message lamp of 101 (you can also press the MESSAGE button), but that's tough to do from a single line set.

Last, VM has an access code. In the TD days it was 165 IIRC by default it's 500 in a TDA. Get the number from your installer.

Installing phone systems can be an adventure. I just found out last month that the voice mail can now record conversations as new and email them at the conclusion of the conversation. Panasonic issues one or two system upgrades a year, and both the TDA and the voice mail have been upgraded several times.

Sometimes Panasonic screws up. My first deluxe programming console for the vista OS erased ALL my TAW-848 programs, moved all my TDA files, and crashed. Now I had to load every single release of every Panasonic program back into my vista craptop. Not a very fun thing to do.

So no, I don't think the installer is incompetent or lazy or anything like that. There's a lot of stuff to learn and remember and a lot of different options to apply. Voice mail takes the most time and the concepts of building custom menu tables is not a concept that you just pick up in 20 minutes. And to think you don't need to go to class to learn it....why even an alarm guy can buy a TAW and TVA and install it :-)

Anyway, cut the guy some slack and post back in a couple of weeks. He'll get it.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

Thanks for the great information. My frustration with my installer is that the guy who came out to do the work (after the kids worked on it for a while, one ending up in jail), is the manager of the group and hasn't done much phone programming. He manages. So I get a lot of that 20 minute hunting around to figure out how to do what I'm asking for. He left the other night with the voicemail not working at all after giving it a "it all works with big puffy chest" This is a business, and he left us with no functioning voicemail. My other concern is that he does not know nor care to know about the latest methods to set up the phone system and voicemail. Case in point, he's telling me that he's got 100 phones sitting on desks in his office all flashing the FWD/DND light in order to get them to work with voicemail. To me, this an absolute horror. The mear fact that he was able to change the disposition of that light on our system (after 20 minutes of hunting around), then telling me he's never found another way to do it, tells me that he is not sufficiently trained.

I like these guys, I just wish they were better and cared more.

You made 1 or 2 references to getting my passwords etc. What is the deal with the Panasonic KX series of phones and VM? I've asked for the administrator softare for both and was told flat out NO that it is dealer only. I've programmed all kinds of things (including writing code) for more than 20 years and am sure that I would learn this system without too much difficulty. This is restricted? I noticed the CD with the software came with the Voicemail (I copied it). Is the same true for the phone system? I would certinly like to do MAC's myself But they won't budge. Help me understand this better.

Again, thanks for the insight.


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When a Dealer becomes Panasonic certified they have to sign a contractual agreement that makes it illegal for them to distribute to any non certified dealer. The voicemail software is another story. But if it were me, AND I had warranty issues at hand I certainly would allow anyone else to play around with the programming I would have to come back and fix for free later. It sounds like the installer kinda knew what he was doing, but he shouldn=92t have to poke around looking for a common setting like the FWD/DND button assignment. So perhaps their experience is just a bit light. I have been a certified TDA, TVA , KX-TVA and the Panasonic KX-TD 816/1232/500 since 2001. I believe I have installed over 400 systems all over 3 states. I would like to think that I knew it all, but there are situations like yours that throws even me for a loop. I believe it to be personality differences. Sometime installs and training goes awesome=85 other times I would rather shoot myself than deal with the idiots I have to work with=85 Too bad I can=92t institute an I.Q. test before the sale=85 But it=92s all part of the game=85 Good Luck.

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