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I am trying to decide between two systems. Either the Avaya Parter ACS or the Panasonic KX-TA824 Any opinions on which is the better system in the long run. Thanks in advance!

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Sit down with the brochures and manuals of both. Each system has good points and bad points.

The ACS has a better choice of phones than Panasonic. If you need buttons, a Partner 6/18/34D will work nicely, where the Panasonic has exactly 12 worthwile programmable buttons. Now we could talk about the TDA-50, but that's another thread.

THe Panasonic elegantly grows to an 8x24 box and delivers features like CID to an industry standard single line set. It also beats the ACS in price if you get the package deal (3x8 KSU and 3 display phones for about $750).

It used to be a selling point that the Panasonic phones would migrate to all of their systems. It's still true, but you'll pay a penalty to migrate analog phones to a digital system, unless you can score a TA or TD box on the secondary market. Of course, you don't plan on outgrowing the 824 system anyway :-)

A fully carded ACS can grow to something like 8x41 or 11x37 and still have the Partner mail. Panasonic has an answer to the Partner mail with the Built-In-VM. It is limited, but it's half the price of the TVA-50. However, to add to your choices, you can add a LAN card and send your Voice Mail messages to email on the TVA system.

I guess the advantage is Panasonic's, but only because it's a newer system than the ACS and the basic system is about 1/2 the price. As long as you don't need the extra capacity of an ACS phone or more lines or extensions that the ACS offers.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

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