How do I install a Napco GEM-C128 fire panel to work properly?

My staffers tried to install a GEM-C128 fire panel and never got round tot it. They had programmed the SLC devices - 33 smokes(001 - 033) and 3 manual pull stations(034 - 036). The NAC-A circuit has 4# 24VDC bells and the Area 1 has 2 FK1 keypads. We downloaded the panel and made corrections and then downloaded back to the panel. First problem was that the keypad will never accept the time set on the clock. The clock is always 1 hour and a few minutes behind, even when daylight saving time is not checked. Consequently, the communication will always notice that the clock is not set and should be set by the dealer. Each time it is set, it goes back an hour and a few minutes. The second major issue is that anytime we try to exit programming the system will first display "Processing...." then go into 01 OUT OF SYSTEM. We always have to shut down and start allover again. Lastly, the keypad is unable to discover any device wired into the SLC circuit even after programming has been enabled

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Make sure the time zone for the panel and the time zone for the computer are the same.

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