GE NX-320 PS

Has anyone heard what the issue is with the Transformer that comes with the NX-320??? GE has pulled all NX-320's from the shelves as of Nov. 12th.

One person at ADI said that the note he has is that they will not be shipping until October 2009.

I have also heard that what ever the problem it also is affecting all panel kits that come with a transformer.

Any ideas as to what's up???



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I understand the transformer is defective and in some instances was putting out as much as 48 volts.

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Frank Olson
48-49 whatever it takes. Wow...that's some QC for ya! And, it's only gonna take a year to rectify....hmmmm. Sounds like GE is ready to quit.
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Crash Gordon

For a transformer to be off that much it would mean the wrong winding ratio.

That would be an easy fix and should not take that long to correct.

I will place this in the STUPID category.


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this is only thing I can find on GE site about ps.

NetworX NX-320E/ 320-I Power Supply Bulletin

Product: GE Security is voluntarily notifying customers that the NX-320E/320-I power supplies were manufactured with the wrong micro controller on board from mid-December, 2006 through late January, 2007.

Symptoms: "Service required" on the keypad. Expansion siren trouble

Date: February 7, 2007.

Problem: GE Security has found a problem with NX-320E and NX-320-I power supplies manufactured with date codes ranging from 06348M through 07009M. Date code information can be found on the NX-320 board and on the sticker on the box.

Symptoms seen in the field are that the control's keypad posts the following messages:

. "Service Required"

. "Expansion low battery"

. "Expansion siren trouble"

The field technician is not able to clear these messages.

Solution: Engineering determined that the onboard microcontroller installed at the time of manufacture was not the correct part number. We have taken steps at our manufacturing facility to ensure that this cannot happen in the future.

About 480 of these faulty units were shipped before we placed a hold on them. We are fitting power supplies still in our system with the correct controllers and issuing new date code stickers to separate them from the improperly made units.

If you have any NX-320 modules with a date code in the range 06348M through 07009M, and if you purchase directly from GE, please contact customer service at 888.GESECURity (888.437.3287) during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time). If you purchase our products through a distributor, please return the defective power supplies to your distributor.

Contact: If you have questions or concerns with regard to the issues addressed in this customer bulletin, please contact GE Security technical support at, or by calling technical support at

888.GESECURity (888.437.3287) during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time).
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This can't be the current problem or issue. If it was known in Feb 2007 it could not be causing the issue now almost 2 years later. This would be a old corrected issue.

Thanks but going back to the 48 volt output problem being the issue today.

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DSC took the transformer out of the 120 kit as well. Same transformer manufacturer maybe? I know that a few years ago Ademco Lynx panels lost the UL listing when a certain "Binky" company ordered the kits with a three prong transformer instead of the one that usually came with that panel. The UL label was deleted from those kits only, by the way. I am not saying Ademco lost the listing on the Lynx product as a whole.

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Bob Worthy


I got my first new NX320 yesterday. It seems the big deal was that the txfmr need to be a open unit that needs hard wired to 120vac. No more plug in allowed. I am assuming as per UL/NFPA et al.



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