Focus Cadet System

Does anyone have an installation manual. I need to change the call out to another monitoring center so I need the passcodes and instruction for rreprogramming the system.

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The installation manual is not going to give you any passcodes and without them, the programing instructions would do you no good. Normally, (if the system was installed by an installation company), they would have the passcodes. As you might imagine, if you were trying to get out of an agreement with your present company, owing them money, having the passcodes would allow you to do that. On the other hand, there are companys out there who wont give up the passcodes even if you have no obligation to stay with them. There are some panels that can be defaulted however. I'm not familiar with your panel, but maybe someone else here is.

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Isn't FOCUS and ADT proprietary panel?

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Bob La Londe

They are and can only transmit to ADT recievers. Your out of luck.

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nick markowitz

The older ones yes but some of the later Focus panels were standard DSC stuff that could send to any central station

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RHC: Quite so ! Here are the ones I know of....

Focus 128 =3D DSC Maxsys 4020 Focus D15=3DDSC PC 1550 Focus D32=3D DSC PC5010(Power 832) Focus D50=3D DSC PC1555 (Power 632)

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