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Tired of tripping over this stuff. All is used but working unless specified. e-mail snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com js




Vista 20SE w/can, 6128 keypad

4110 w/can, 2 4127 keypads

ADT Vista 20P2 w/can, 6150ADT, 6160VADT


8600 board only 2 8600 w/can, 8601 led keypad 8600 w/can, 9050 lcd keypad 8600 w/can, 3 8601 led keypads 8980 w/can 8601 led keypad 9000E control w/can, new in box


PC2500 board only


CP-90 (new in box)

SS32T receiver and 9 door/window transmitters


3 Z-1100 control w/can

1 System II w/can

1 Z-1100E w/can, zone expander, Z1100ST LCD keypad

1 Z-900 control w/can, Z-900R LED keypad

Misc. functional Z-1100R, Z-1100ST keypads

Misc. untested Z-1100R, Z-1100ST keypads


D4112 control w/can, D620 keypad

D4112 control w/can, D420A keypad

D2112BE w/can, and 2 D220A keypads, like new

D6112 control w/can

D6112 board only

3 D620 keypads

D8112 board only

D8112 w/can

2 D360 keypads 3 D1252 LCD keypads 2 D1255 LCD keypads

D279 keypad

3 D269 keypads for independent zone control






D8132 w/pigtails

Silent Knight

5104B fire control w/can
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I need a Radi> Tired of tripping over this stuff. All is used but working unless > specified.

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I sent that stuff to Jim Rojas last year. That keypad is probably propping up a wobbly table leg somewhere in Florida.

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I sold my last one a couple of weeks ago...still have some 630s left (pulls).

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Crash Gordon

I have several in stock. Give me a call Monday.

Jim Rojas (813) 884-6335

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Jim Rojas

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