Come on group

What's going on this group is dieing,

Mr Bass where are you man?

Regards Micky.

Don't let it die like ours did.

uk. tech.electronic-security is dead, i need this group.

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Micky Savage
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RHC: Micky, the group is far from dead. Recently we managed to resolve some personal issues that had the group in an uproar for some time; however, because of the good will of many people, things are now calm.

From time to time, posting can lag, but not through lack of interest, just people doing other things (like earning a living during the pre- Christmas rush...). Most of the regulars have been here over 10 years and come and go from time to time, and for periods of time. If you post something of a security nature, you will find them rising to the occasion.....nothing to be concerned about.....

Cheers and a merry Xmas to you all (and to the politically correct among you, Happy Holidays too......)

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On Dec 21, 4:49=EF=BF=BDpm, "Micky Savage" wrote= :

Get used to it Mickey.

This is what peace looks like.

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