Who else received calls from both Bass and Sabodish back in their feuding days trying to get you to be "on their side."

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Bob La Londe
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Not me....................

I assume that you may have been on the call list, Bob. :-)

Those were the days...................

Personally I just read the 'some' of the stuff.

BTW is your Subject "BS" for [B]ass and [S]abodish or something else??

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Why yes. Yes it is.

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Bob La Londe

There was no way for anyone to locate me. (Still isn't) I only use this email address for this group.

When I first started "dabbling" in various groups back in the early 90's I was fortunate to have the foresight not to reveal where exactly I was loca ted and also not reveal my company name. I don't know why, but I had the pr emonition that someone could really stalk someone, if they were at odds wit h something you said in a group. The first year or so my fears were not rea lized. . Not --- that is --- until I started to participate in this group. I lurked for some time and I saw that things were a little rough on various subjects and it was usually Bass who was at the center of it. I eventually started to join in on various threads and I stayed out of the fray for quite some t ime until he really started to usurp and dominate the group. I think this w as around 1995. When he started harassing me, I don't back down for anyone so I'd finally had had enough and started my own campaign of disrupting the group. My son describes me as " Dad --- you're a nice guy, ---- you're a n ice guy, ----you're a nice guy,---- you're a nice guy

------ then you're not." I'd finally had enough. I figured as long as he wasn't going to allow the group to be productive fo r anyone but him, I'd make it unproductive for him. I made it very "untaste ful" for anyone new who looked in on the group and it was unfortunate for t he other participants in the group. But it became nothing but what Bass wan ted to "allow" or not anyway ---- So the net results for the rest of the pa rticipants was the same. The main difference I think I made is that Bass wa s now being constantly harassed as he harassed every one else. It made me l ook like a regular asshole but ---- what the hell? No one knows who I am an d Nothing was getting done anyhow and, as I say, When threatened I don't ba ck down. It hasn't gotten be killed yet so ------ and here there was nothin g to lose anyway. . The rest is history. . He was a rude, belligerent, nasty, vindictive son of a bitch and the world is a much better place without him. May he NOT rest in peace. If there is a Hell, by now I'm sure he's in charge. .

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