Well, regardless of the cost I have decided I am just going to use Yuasa batteries from now on. I've tried a dozen different brands and I hate doing what I consider un-necessary service calls. Screw all those other brands.

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Bob La Londe
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Ultratek are the worse have always gotten excellent service from Yuasa

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Dead on the money ! I last year started using the more expensive Yuasa batt eries and have never looked back. They definately save service calls over t he long run. I also use one in my Honda Gold Wing, and they are acknowledge d to be the gold standard of batteries. No reason why the alarm batteries s houldn't be as good as the care and motorcycle batteries are.

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I've used nothing but Yuasa for years and years. For awhile I think someone bought the name or something and they changed the name to Genesis ( I thin k ) so that's what I used. I think they were just as good. Don't recall hav ing any particular problem with them. Then after a few years they came out with the Yuasa name again and that's what I've used since. The distributors keep trying to push the other brands but ..........

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I actually had a distributor tell me, "But Bob. Using those batteries cuts down on your service calls."


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