Recommended batteries and amp-hour ratings for DMP systems

I have an XR200 DMP alarm panel and need to replace the backup batteries which currently are 2 Genesys (Yuasa) NP7-12 batteries (12v, 7Ah), each fed by a separate 16.5V 40VA transformer and charging circuit.

The manual says: "Use sealed lead-acid batteries only: Use the DMP Model 367, 12 VDC 7.0 Ah sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery. Batteries supplied by DMP or manufactured by Eagle Picher or Yuasa have been tested to ensure proper charging with DMP products."


  1. Is there any reason I couldn't use a 12V battery SLA battery with a similar form factor but higher Amp-hour rating, particularly since per DMP each 40VA transformer can support up to 2 batteries? In particular, there are some batteries that are rated at 9Ah that would still fit in the existing enclosure (e.g, PowerSonic PS1290 rated at 9Ah (see:
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  1. More generally, is there any reason that other non-Yusa SLA with equivalent electrical specs could not be used? (despite the manual saying the panel was only tested with Eagle Picher & Yuasa) SLA batteries seem to be pretty comparable and brands like PowerSonic seem to be reputable. In particular, in addition to looking at the PS1290, I am also looking at the PS1270 which is a 12V 7Ah battery that has near identical electrical specs to the Yuasa battery but is a fair bit lighter and smaller.

Thanks so much for your kind assistance!

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I don't know anything about DMP but any lead acid rechargeable battery will work. HOWEVER .... in the trade, typically Yuasa is considered to be the b est.

If the manual says it will charge two batteries then it will. Two 7AH batte ries are the same as one 14AH battery (if there is such a thing) The charge r has to provide enough current to charge a dead battery, so using batteri es that exceed the recommended AH rating of the manufacturer is not advisab le. Flames may result and once you let the blue smoke out of anything elect rical it no longer works.

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