Ademco Vista-10SE no sounder output?

Hello all,

During some recent tests on a Ademco Vista-10SE, we found there is no output to the sounder terminal (terminal 3). The sounder in this case is connected to a dialer which of course never fires. The alarm triggers and I get ALARM responses on the control pad. Everything else seems to work as expected, just no output on the sounder pin.

It is not clear to me if this ever worked. What are the odds of the output circuit on this board being bad? Is this a common failure? Anyone know where to get schematics for this module? I am hesitent to just swap the output transister (TIP32) without knowing more about what is going on. I know the unit can be programmed to disable the sounder, ie, silent alarm and I will be checking that today.



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John Balogh
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Never had an output failure. Did you try a power down and remove wires from terminal then fire it and put a meter across it to see if it resets . Some panels will not fire the output if a short circuit is across it. bell, siren dialer etc bad but everything else works

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Nick Markowitz

Might check what powered devices you have on that system, if you go over the max current limit the siren will not sound

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