*Complete* list of Vista 10SE programming codes?

I downloaded the Vista 10SE "Installation Manual" from...

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....but the list of programming codes in this manual seems to be incomplete. Also scattered, no one listing of all codes.

I've ordered the 6139 alphanumeric keypad. (Currently have 6128 RF)

I'm an old time alarm repairman who last worked on alarms in the 80's and I'm *finally* getting around to installing my own alarm...

But I see everything has changed quite a bit!

The last system I worked on was an early 80's Radionics. With the add on "programmer", I could set things like zones: [perimeter - interior - instant - delayed - fire - etc.], local or monitored, siren run time before shutting off, etc.

So I would like to change these settings on the Vista 10SE as well. I may have just a local alarm or may get monitoring depending on my finances.

I found the following programming manuals on the above web site. This is the type of thing I am looking for, except for the 10SE. Are any of these compatible with the 10SE so far as having the same codes?

Vista-100 Vista-128B Vista-128FB Vista-40 Vista-50P/Vista-50PUL

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The Vista 10SE was just officially retired a couple of weeks ago.

Those manuals are it. Ademco stuff is not like Radx stuff as far as programming zone responses Radx.

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Crash Gordon

he has one..so do I :-)

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Crash Gordon

You might like to try Jim for the manual.

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Paul Ekins

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