Troubleshoot Ademco Vista 10SE NO AC

Our system keeps going back and forth from "NO AC" to AC. The other day it sent an alarm when it did that and the battery ran down. What can I do to troubleshoot this? The system is probably 10 or 12 years old. Would a transformer cause behavior like this? I am trying to avoid a $75 service call if I can.

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Start here: Check the obvious: loose wiring at the transformer, transformer fitting loosely in the outlet, transformer wire damaged by contact, abrasion, rodents, etc.

The outlet itself may be faulty, or the electrical connection behind it, or there may be trouble elsewhere on that circuit.

You may have a faulty circuit breaker.

Unplug the transformer and use an extention cord to temporarily connect it to a known good outlet.

Plug a lamp in there the transformer was. Wiggle the plug around and see what happens.

Try a new transformer.

Upgrade to a real alarm control panel.

Just kidding. js

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nick markowitz

Thanks for the response. I had tried the extension cord to another circuit and a lamp plugged into the outlet. Replaced the transformer last evening and the "NO AC" message stayed lit until the battery display came on sometime this morning, now it says "AC" "BAT". Is there a way to reset the panel to turn off the "NO AC" message when it is displayed? I've looked through the installation manual and prgramming guide but don't see any way to do that. The wiring and connections all look OK but I guess I could run another length of wire from the transformer to the panel to check it. Would CAT 3 work for that temorarily?

alarman wrote:

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If it says No AC and then Low Battery?

Don't worry pretty soon it will display nothing at all.

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Roland Moore

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