reprogram alarm co phone number via-30pse vista-10se

I have an ademco, via-30pse or vista-10se, I am not sure which one. I need to reprogram the phone number to call the alarm monitoring service. I need to dial 1 and then the area code before the number. Is this a DIY project? Making this change is not in the User's manual. thanks

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Janet Gilmore
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DIY? Not if you were my monitored client.

If you know the installer code you could do it yourself; installer code+8+00 (beep) display should show; 20 - if not, you don't have the installer code.

*41 enter your primary dialer string here then * (beep) if you are using secondary reciever number as well *42 enter your secondary dialer string here then * (beep) *99 to exit programming put system on test with CS and send some alarm signals

It's not in the User Manual because the user should not be doing this on their own - one misplaced entry and your alarm system may not function as you, or your CS, may expect.

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Crash Gordon

Why would one only need to program the telco number? Did a CS give you a different number other than what was there? Are you just now setting this up for the first time? There are alot of other functions that need to report once connection is made. If you don't know percisely what panel you have and you don't have a programming manual, how will you find all these other locations that must be programmed to report correctly, ie zone types and reporting codes, account numbers, secondary telco numbers, reporting format, dialer attempts, fire zones, keypad reporting functions, turning features on that you want and turning off features you don't want or need, etc.? How far into this thing are you?

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