Countersurveillance! See what can be done to protect yourself from the one....

Secretly watch, listen, record or track with the latest hi-tech spy equipment from

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who are manufacturers, and International suppliers of 'State Of The Art' covert audio & video surveillance, and counter-surveillance products, plus tracking devices, voice changers, and other security related products and services.

My staff and I have in excess of 20 years combined experience in the practical application of 'Covert Observation Products' [C.O.P.'s] and not only do we sell what we consider to be the best products on the market, but we can also offer completely impartial advice, which I may add is FREE!

Whatever your circumstances are please note that all our products are considered to be defensive i.e. if you feel that someone is being disloyal, you are perfectly at liberty to use COP's to investigate.

A piece of equipment costs less than your peace of mind. So don't delay, rid yourself of that doubt today by visiting

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