Voip Nortel Handsets on BCM 400 v4


British Telecom are claiming that we would need to upgrade from our BCM 400 running version 4 software to a BCM450 in order to operate six or seven Nortel VOIP handsets in addition to our current standard handsets (total standard digital handsets under 60). I was under the impression the previous exchange that we had was actually capable of operating IP nortel handsets (BCM1000 v2.5 software) , so can't understand why we would need to upgrade/replace the exchange. We own four i2004 headsets but they have never been added to the system as we don't have licences. Can we add one of these to the current BCM exchange as a trial, are BT misinformed? If anyone can shed any light on this I'm all ears?

If there are any Nortel Experts/Suppliers in the Glasgow Area of Scotland, United Kingdom , feel free to contact me.


Bullfrog (aka Jeremy)

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