attendant console software for BCM 400

Have a small business (about 25 extensions) on a BCM 400 and the T series phone being used as attendant console is a bit limiting. Is there any software that can be used in place for attendant console instead. We don't need all of the features and cost of but would just like to show all extensions, status , etc.

Also any info on a good more than 3 party conference server to use with BCM would be helpful (unrelated to attendant console issue) we have 1/2 of a t-1 into BCM but only 3 way conference is currently allowed.


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If you don't want to spend the money to get Console.NET from ConverTec

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you can add two of the T24 modules (NT8B29AAAAE6) to the side of a T7316 phone and program the status of the extensions to see if they are on the phone or not. If you only need the status of 24 of the sets, you can use one module.

I'd recommend you upgrade your software to the current platform. The BCM 400 with the current 4.0 software will support up to 40 users on a conference at one time, if you have the lines available.

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