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I haven't posted for a while, I hope this still works...

We are experiencing a few Symposium Express problems that I hope someone can help with:

1: In RTD there is a substantial difference between the max wait time for the application and for the skillset. There is only one skillset per application so can you think of a reason why these times would be different? In theory the application is only adding 4 seconds of ringtone before reaching the skillset.

2: We seem to be getting calls that are not going through Symposium. Normally when a call is presented the agent sees the Skillset name on the telset screen. However, when these calls come through we see something like "8850 xx 4949" or "8850 xx 4949" where xx is anumber between 01 and 20. I assume this relates to a trunk as 4949 and 4940 are the last four digits of the DDI numbers. We receive about 50 calls per day like this. Going to 'Skillset Reports', when these calls occur they are captured under the 'default skillset' section. The thing is, there is no 'default skillset' defined in Symposium. Looking at the call data it looks like the calls are being delivered ahead of queued calls. I have checked the scripts and everything seems OK. I suspect that this is happening at the Meridian level. Any ideas what could be causing this problem?

3: If I run RTD on two PCs looking at the same data I get different timings on each PC. One will sayan agent was busy for 30 seconds and the other that the same same agent was busy for 33 seconds. Which is correct and why would this be happening?

Thanks in advance.


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