Call Trapped in Symposium Call Center Queue

Hi All,

Has anyone experienced a call getting trapped in the queue within Symposium? This does not happen very often, but sometimes our Call Center will have a call trapped in the queue even when there are idle agents ready to take calls. The call just sits in the queue until it is finally terminated by the system.

When this first happened, I contacted our maintenance provider and they looked into it. They came to the conclusion that somehow a caller was getting transferred to the wrong extension...the queue with the agent instead of the control DN that is recognized by Symposium. But, our Call Center Supervisor said that he knows for sure that callers are not getting transferred to the queue with the agent.

This has only happened a couple of times (once in January 2004, once in February 2004 and then not again until last Friday - March 18, 2005).

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Do you have the lates SU service update installed.

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No, but our maintenance provider is coming on site this Friday to install the latest service update.

Has this happen to you or have you heard of this happening before?

Thank you!

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