Symposium Express Reports issue

Hello everyone, We are having an issue with Symposium Express that our ATT tech and Nortel cannot determine. Their resolution was that the CLAN had been changed, however this was not the case.

We have a client that can connect to the Symposium Express server, and do Caller Admin, however the Report window will not load. No processes appear to hang.

The only difference I can confirm on that system v. one that works is an instance of Sybase SQL Anywhere running on the PC.

Any ideas, or help would be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance,


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Bud Blevens
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Is this a web interface administration tool? It sounds like something similar that happens on computers here. I'm not familiar with Express, but I have had Symposium 5.0 with Web Client 4.5 and now Contact Center 6.0.

~ Michael

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