Help with back to back PRI's on a MICS

I believe Private network calls comming in to a MICS will truncate to Private Network Dial Plan setting. There for not all of your digits are making it thru to the Telco.

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Hmmm okay looking through the Cisco stuff again, and did another google search and found in ther interface section for serial1:23 I can do a 'isdn map address .* plan P type T'

I've tried P=ISDN, National, Private

ISDN, and Private both bahaved the same. National wouldn't complete

I've type T=nattional,network, subscriber

I could only get subscriber to work

Okay so I plan is to set the plan to P=ISDN I think, T=subscriber

Then I'm going to double check and fiddle with the dest and see if I can put a ISDN/public in dest in. I'm not at the MICS I have to take a short hike to get there. But I kind of remeber see private or public when I was doing the routes. So .... off I go.....Gotta find a cheap fastRAD on Ebay ... sigh ......(and NRU too of course)

Thanks again, Adam

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Okay I made a mistake, I thought the private DN lenght was the same as the local DN length. Therefore I was worried about setting the priv'ln to 7. However when I saw there was a seperate place for the local DN I set it to 7. Now the incoming digits not get cut down the 3 digits. I was hoping this would then allow me to place outgoing calls through the Cisco

When I get a call from the PSTN that matches a dest on the MICS for the Cisco it gets forwarded no problem, and now keeps all 7 digits that I needed. However outgoing calls from the Cisco still don't get match against the dest's for the PRI. They just get forwarded to prime

I've checked the routes,dests and remote packages any hints ??

Thanks again, Adam

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The only thing I can think of is the Cisco is not sending the lead 9. I know little to nothing about cisco dial plans so I'm not sure how to tell to proceed. There must be some way to tweak cisco dial plans.

Sorry Dude

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Oh no far from sorry, you've helped make in a huge way The cisco is sending the leading '9' to the MICS I didn a dump of the Q921 channel so I can see the digits. When I send a digits in the setup message _from_ the Cisco it only matches against targets no routes and no set DN's _even_ when I have the Cisco dialplan sending that setup message for the call with a private dialplan

Yeah I found the ISDN Cisco dialplan command 'isdn map address .* plan x type t

where x= data Data plan isdn ISDN plan national National plan privacy Private plan reserved/10 Reserved value 10 reserved/11 Reserved value 11 reserved/12 Reserved value 12 reserved/13 Reserved value 13 reserved/14 Reserved value 14 reserved/2 Reserved reserved/5 Reserved value 5 reserved/6 Reserved value 6 reserved/7 Reserved value 7 telex TELEX plan unknown Unknown plan

and t=: abbreviated Abbreviated type international International type national National type network Network type reserved/5 Reserved value 5 subscriber Subscriber type unknown Unknown type

I think I've tried all the relavent combs

I can only complete calls with

plan: ISDN type :subscriber/unknown plan: private type: subscriber/unknown

What do you think ?? I see the number and it Q921 from the Cisco and it looks like it's passing it to the MICS correctly. However even when I've tagged it as plan private (or ISDN but I figured private should have more hope then ISDN) it still treats it as a call coming from the public network and only matches the digits against target

I'm going their tonight to play some more, going to bring a VoIP set so I can be programming the MICS, getting the Cisco dumps and trying VoIP calls. So far I've programmed it, then returned home to try calls

Thanks, Adam

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OKay I've gone their again today and starting changing times around and hoping to get a clue.

I suspect it may be a problem with our PSTN provider, can you give me some guidance XBar ?

What happens is when I make a call with the called number of '98780997' it goes right to the prime. However if I dial '93245672' which matches a DN on a target line it goes out to the PSTN and comes back to the MICS and it _works_

However doesn't the ISDN protocol keeps track of how many times a call has been redirected and then sends it in the call setup message ?. Could my last problem be that our PSTN provider refuses to complete a call to a external number when it's has a redirection of 1 or higher ?

When I'm looking in the maintence section I can confirm that the MICS is using _one_ PSTN b channel (but that's the way ISDN works right ?. You only need one channel if you redirect a call ...). There's nobody on the system, no voicemail I'm the only one generating this traffic. So it's looking at the dest code and getting out to the PSTN

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