MICS 6.1 going PRI

In a couple of weeks I will be adding a PRI, have experience with DID but not this.My main problem is, how to call forward incoming calls to an outside answering service ? Would appreciate any help


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With Pri it is pretty simple you have to build a routing table to dial out over the PRI then assign your DID target line of the main number to a set and the you can use Feature 4 to forward out.

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John 807

I have a feeling he might be taking about the ISDN capability to transfer calls through the CO, so that they are no longer on the customer's PRI. This is part of the ISDN standard (both BRI and PRI) but it must be enabled at the CO (that easy), and supported by the phone system, which it is not on the MICS.

Either do it as an off-premises forward, which will use 2 channels for each active forwarded call. Or get a better system.

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