Nortel Meridian Transfer Functionality

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If I have an IVR application connected to a Nortel Meridian via T1, FXS, how can I perform "blind transfers?"

Currently, the IVR application is tromboning calls, but I'd like to use another technique, if possible.

On other switches, I'm able to have the IVR dial *29,[destination phone number],*29, and the the switch will take control of the call from there, freeing up the line. I'd like to do the same with the Meridian.

I'm an IVR guy, and the IT dept has a 3rd party maintaining the switch.

Is there anything in particular I should be asking for? Do most Meridian switches have this functionality available?

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The tromboning note could mean the call is coming in, then going out on another trunk. But maybe your point is simply that the IVR is holding an incoming and outgoing channel to transfer a call.

There are a few Anti-Tromboning features - one simply blocks calls and the other is a ISDN PRI function. Is it possible that this problem site is T1 and the working sites are ISDN PRI?

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