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Simple question:

AS5350 with one 1 E1 connected. how many simoultaneous SIP to PSTN calls and how many SIP to SIP calls can this handle? How do we count these? I know that this is also affected by number of DSP's, what are the basic rules?

I see: 2 E1 and 60 Async interfaces. What are these Async's good for? Are these Async's phisical interfaces or each is a timeslot from the PRI E1? Are these E1's ISDN PRI's and each PRI has 30 async that's why I have 60 of them?

Earlier I had E1's and after channelizing i had 30 serial interfaces for each timeslot. If I understand correctly E1 for data gives me 30 serial interfaces assigned to timeslots, E1 for voice (ISDN PRI) gives me 30 Async interfaces to connect to PSTN? Is that right?

Is there any difference between data and voice E1 modules?

If someone would be so kind to post a link or a few words for basic understanding... I know too many questions, sorry.

Thanks, Alex

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