BCM200 pstn lines get stuck when a call is disconnected

Hi to all,

I have a bcm200 with 2 GATM modules, i m setting up a basic call center with 2 skillsets. everything works a it is supposed to.

My problem is the following:

When a incomming call gets to a skillset, the call is ringing on the skillset event if the call initiator hangs up, then the call get connected and the line is stuck (busy) for a while unless i disconnect it physically.

I tried to change the region from north america to france then europe, i tried the supervised mode and the guarded loop but in vain.

here in algeria when a call get dropped we get a busy tone as diconnect signal.

Is there a way to configure my call center to drop the line when it get passed to a skillset and the initiator drops the call.

So when another call enters the skillset line the line is busy.

Please let me know if you need more details.

Any help would be apreciated.



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