HD and 5.1 DirecTV???

Hi all,

I just got an HD-DVR unit. HD channels are fine, but even though they are

5.1 I cannot get it to come through.

All I get is left and right channels. Am I doing something wrong here? The installers hooked it up so I'm assuming it's correct but you never know. I know just enough to be dangerous back there.

Anything I can do to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Now, I know nothing about HD-DVRs, but if the hookups are the same as a DVD or whatever, then how is your DVR hooked up? I'm guessing that if it's hooked up using the red and white analog cables, then you're getting analog stereo. If you've got it hooked up using digital coaxial cable or digital optical cable to your receiver, then you should be getting the full digital

5.1 sound, assuming that those HD shows are in 5.1. Not every HD show is in 5.1. Some are still in 2.0.

Installers generally hook stuff up using the lowest possible quality hookups. At any rate, take a look at the audio connections and tell us how it's hooked up. Hopefully, somebody can help you from there.

cheers, vij

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