Problem With CM11A, ActiveHome 3.5 and Keyspan USB/Serial

Hello. On the 1st, I used the built-in COM port on my computer to reset
the clock and timers on my X10 CM11A. I do this every year. I used
version 3.5 of ActiveHome and all went well as usual.
I recently purchased a Keyspan USB->Serial adapter and installed the
latest drivers. I have used it a little and so far it seems to work
fine. But tonite I tried it with ActiveHome. It seems to work at least
to some extent. By this, I mean that the communications module seems to
load/unload, that the communications test reports all is well, and that
I can turn modules on/off.
However, the set interface clock function seems to be having problems.
It never seems to stop reading the time on the CM11A and no results are
displayed. After checking the log from the Keyspan, I can see the
command 0x8B is sent but it appears that the read never completes. After
googling a bit I have seen that the 0x8B should return 16 bytes of data.
However, I never see more than 12-14 returned.
So I guess my question is: have others seen this? Any ideas/fixes? Thanks.
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David White
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My guess is that X-10's programmers have set a time limit for receiving the data. All USB-serial adapters are slower than regular RS232 because two translations have to be made, one for each end of the USB link. You'll probably have to use the real COM port for this task.
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Dave Houston
For those who care:
Seems that Keyspan has some new drivers for Windows that are in Beta test. After installing these, all seems to work well.
Dave Houst>
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David White
I've been using the CM11A/AH (1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x) for many years and I've never heard of "version 3.5" - where did you get it (LINK?) ?
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