Problems with solving 0xA5 (time request after power off)


I have recently bought a CM11G (RS232) and i've got this problem: when trying (with my own software) to send commands following the protocol, i only get a 0xA5 (CM11 asking for the time to be resent, as far as i'm concerned). Well, following the protocol, i send the time, but once it gets the 0x9b value, it seems to get locked and it doesn't listen nor send anything else, i have to unplug and plug again. What i am supposed to send the CM11 in such situation? I have read in many places that people have the same problem, but don't tell how to fix it properly!

THank you all in advance.

Jose Juan Martinez

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You might have errors in the time data following the 0x9B. I know you can send partial data and the only thing that happens is the CM11A doesn't return a checksum but does stop sending the 0xA5 poll.

Try sending just 0x9B. That will satisfy the CM11A. Of course, the CM11G might have different firmware.

If it will help I can post some VB code that works.

"Jose Juan" wrote:

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Dave Houston

THank you very much Dave, unfortunately i also proved to write only

0x9B but it gets locked, as always. If you could show me a piece of code i would be most grateful. Incidentally, where can i get some specifications about CM11G? It seems having the same features as the other ones.

This is the code i have, in java:

//data available in serial port if( entrada.available() > 0 ) { int nBytes = bufferLectura ); for(int i=0;nBytes>i;i++) System.out.println("Got byte " + i + "="+ (bufferLectura[i]&0xff)); puertoSerie.close(); if(nBytes==1) { Resultado=bufferLectura[0];

if((Resultado&0xff)==0xA5) { byte tiempo[]=new byte[7]; tiempo[0]=(byte)(0x9b); tiempo[1]=(byte)(0x13); tiempo[2]=(byte)(0x40); tiempo[3]=(byte)(0x0A); tiempo[4]=(byte)(0x48); tiempo[5]=(byte)(0x82); tiempo[6]=(byte)(0x60); for(int i=0;i You might have errors in the time data following the 0x9B. I know you can

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I don't know where you might find specifications other than the protocol documentation on the X-10 website. In the past all of the European versions had the same firmware as the CM11A with the only differences being the plug style and case. Software that worked for the CM11A also worked for all of the European versions as well. But, I'm not sure all of the models now available in Europe (especially the USB model) are made by X-10 so the firmware may now differ. The fact that yours is not satisfied by just 0x9B makes me think the firmware has changed.

I'm sorry but I'm not very literate in Java and my college Spanish has mostly been forgotten but it looks like you're just sending dummy bytes which should be OK unless the CM11G finds one of the values upsetting.

Here's a REALbasic code snippet that works with my CM11As.

Dim s As String Dim chkSum As Integer 'RB integers are 32 bits Dim i As Integer s=chr(&H9B) s=s+chr(d.second) s=s+chr(d.minute+((d.hour MOD 2)*60)) s=s+chr(d.hour\\2) s=s+chr(d.dayofyear MOD 256) s=s+chr(((d.dayofyear\\256)*&H80)+Pow(2,d.dayofweek-1)) s=s+chr(monitored*&H10) For i=2 to len(s) chkSum=chkSum+asc(mid(s,i,1)) Next chkSum=chkSum MOD 256 serial1.write(s) 'CM11A will return the checksum if all is well 'for less than 7 bytes it will not return a checksum 'but will stop sending the A5 poll

The protocol documentation is at...

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but it seems like you already have it.

Have you tried setting the interface time with ActiveHome? If ActiveHome locks it up then it's probably a defective unit. If not, try watching what it sends with serial port sniffer software.

I no l>THank you very much Dave, unfortunately i also proved to write only

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Dave Houston

I think I just noticed something in your code but it may be that I'm just misreading the Java.

When the CM11A needs the time reset all it sends is 0xA5. I th>THank you very much Dave, unfortunately i also proved to write only

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Dave Houston

Once i've proved all unsuccessfully, i got the (stupid) solution.

I was testing it in my lab, and the problem was that the CM11 was connected to the outlet with a router and a switch, and these made noise on it... even ActiveHome couldn't set the time! So i switched off all them and left CM11, and ActiveHome worked, and time set is no longer needed.

Thank you for your help!

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