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Grow up Robert By Steve Ryckman

From: Steve Ryckman ( Subject: Re: IMPORTANT: Changes to

Newsgroups: Date: 1998/09/15

[This follow-up was posted to and a copy was sent to the cited author.]

In article RsoL1.94362$ says..

Up until this message I have usually honored requests by Steve Ryckman such as "thread closed" and "don't respond to this..." However, this message requires a public response.

I would have expected no less from you Robert.

It is true this is an "alt" group, along with tens of thousands other groups. Being an "alt" group does not mean the group is open to the whim of anyone whose whim warrants it.

You and I have had many conversations over the last couple of years and I can understand where you are coming from. I can also understand that you are the prime reason for many of the problems. You may not provoke it intentionally but the utter hatred for you that many in the group have is the reason I'm having to do this in the first place.

I've tried to be patient with you, I've tried to explain the way things should/could work but your goals are always ahead of the group in general.

Any newsgroup can take control of it's own destiny, there is no rule that says all alt groups must be total chaos. The "big 8" were created first, then the .alt groups so there could be more laxx areas. The "alt" hierarchy wasn't formed with the intent that all groups in it be totally out of control. At the time the alt hierarchy was created, spam was not a problem and most users of the newsgroups at all were people like myself who had been involved in it for many years who exhibited some restraint in our on-line activities on our own.

Read the FAQ Robert. You've hidden behind it yourself, you have used it to retaliate against those you felt should be "moderated" (do I have to quote some of your emails to me asking for others to be moderated), yet when it doesn't turn your way all of a sudden the whole concept is wrong. I am not the "moderator" of the group, no one is. There is no official procedure for changing the FAQ of the group other than it is the responsibility of the Group Host to maintain it as the FAQ states. | If you have suggestions for changes to the FAQ to be made, then by all means stop criticizing everyone else and make some useful suggestions. These are being run on a "trial" basis for one week as I stated. If it doesn't work out then we'll change them. Or if someone has a better idea before that, we can change it. These aren't set in stone, they are my suggestions for improving the group.

Grow up Robert and either participate nicely or go play somewhere else. Steven M. Ryckman, ASA Group Host Email:

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