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my account take-over of an SafewatchPro-200 "20SP went well,. looing at the programming sheet I can't find the address for programming time of day test..the panel was set to sent test report on 30 day intervals...ADT standard I guess..well it's now set to weekly...but it is calling out

6am..would like to set it for quiet hours.. ..anyone work with this panel that can point me in the proper direction..


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I'm not sure if the procedure is identical on the ADT version but the dialer test programming instructions are found on page 5-17 of the Vista-20P manual. Here's a cut&paste from the manual.

Hope it helps.

Programming Installer and User Schedules

The system provides schedules, which can be used to automatically control 11 types of system events at predefined times. Some events are reserved for the installer only.

VISTA-20P: Provides up to 32 schedules: 16 schedules for use by the end-user,

16 for use by the installer.

VISTA-15P: Provides up to 8 schedules: 4 schedules for use by the end user, 4 for use by the installer.

Start Scheduling mode by entering installer code + [#] + [6] [4] while in normal operating mode.

NOTE: The master code can only access schedules 01-16 (VISTA-15P = 01-04) and events 00-07.


00=QUIT 00

Schedule Number


01-16 = end-user schedules 01-04 = end-user schedules 17-32 = installer-only schedules 05-08- = installer-only schedules [*] to continue

Enter the desired schedule number.


NOTE: Events 07 and

10 cause the keypad to

beep every 30 seconds

when messages are

displayed. Stop the

beeps by pressing any


Enter Event

00 = clear event 05 = Forced Away Arming?

01 = Relay On/Off 06 = Auto Disarm

02 = User Access 07 = Display ?Reminder?

03 = Latch Key Report to Pager 10 = Display custom words ??

04 = Forced Stay Arming? 11 = Periodic Test Report???

Press [*] to continue

Enter the desired event number for event you want to occur at a specified time.

Events 10-11 are reserved for the installer only.

Latch key report (option 03) is sent to all pagers in the user?s partition and is active only

when the system is armed (message sent is 777-7777). User must be enabled for paging

(see User Attributes in System Operation section).

? Forced bypass is automatically enabled regardless of setting in field *23.

?? If selected, system displays custom words 8, 9, and 10 at defined time. Can be used as

installer?s reminder message to the end user.

??? See key commands in Testing the System section to quickly set periodic test

reporting intervals.



Device Number (For event 01-relay on/off)

01-18 = device number; press [*] to continue

Enter the physical device number as programmed in *79 Menu Mode, then press [*] to

continue to the ?Start? prompt.

Device numbers 17 and 18 designate built-in triggers 1 and 2 respectively.



Group Number (For event 02-user access)

1-8 = group number; press [*] to continue to the ?Start? prompt



Partition (For events 03-07, 10)

0 = all partitions; 1 = partition 1; 2 = partition 2; 3 = common

Press [*] to continue to the ?Start? prompt.


HH MMAM 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

Start Time

01-12 = hour; 00-59 = minute; 0 = AM; 1 = PM; Days = place ?1? under days

Press [*] to continue.

Enter the event?s start time and days of the week to occur.

To select days, position the cursor under the desired days using the [*] key to move

forward, then press ?1? to select the day.

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Robert L Bass

How do you program the test timer? FAQ 13994466 The following will explain how to enable the test report on the Vista-15P/20P.

Watch out for:

-- Program the test report code: *64.

-- Periodic test report schedule: Automatic schedule

-- Periodic test report schedule: Manual schedule

-- Split reporting: *49

-- Verify that the panel is able to send other signals.

-- Try to send a manual test report.

Program the test report code: *64.

*64 is the test report code. It is a 2-digit entry. If the first digit is 0, the test report is disabled. If the first digit is any other entry, the rep[ort is enabled.

Periodic test report schedule: Automatic schedule For panel with Rev 2 or higher, you can use the Automatic Periodic test command to load the test schedule. Transmission will start 12 hours after the command is entered. Installer code + [#] + 0 + 0: Daily test (every day) Installer code + [#] + 0 + 1: Weekly test (7 days) Installer code + [#] + 0 + 2: Monthly test (28 days)

Periodic test report schedule: Manual schedule The report must be enabled in scheduling (Under relay programming in Compass) Do the following from OUTSIDE PROGRAMMING:

-- Press Installers code + [#] + 64, the screen displays ?Enter Schedule #?

-- Enter schedule numbers 01-32 for installer functions. (Use #4-8 on 15P;

17-32 on 20P)

-- Press [*] to continue

-- The screen displays ?Clear Event? Enter 11 for test report then

-- Press [*] to continue

-- Program the test start time. (Use [1] or [3] to change AM to PM) Press [*] to advance across the screen. Enter 1 to enable each day & 0 to disable. If you want a report to send every 24 hours enter 1 for every day, otherwise select ONLY 1 day.

-- Press [*] to continue.

-- Screen displays ?Repeat Option? enter 0 for no repeat, 1 for weekly, 2 for bi-weekly, 3 for every 3 weeks, or 4 for every 4 weeks.

-- Press [*] to continue

-- Screen displays ?Randomize?, if this is selected the scheduled start time will vary within 60 minutes of the hour time. NOTE: This is NOT recommended for test reporting.

-- Press [*] to continue.

-- Screen displays ?Enter Schedule #?. Press 00 to exit the menu mode.

Split reporting: *49 This filed may send alarms to the primary number, but test reports to the secondary number. If you don?t have a secondary phone number, or your secondary account number is not correct, you will get alarms, but not test. In general, you probably want *49 = 0.

Verify that the panel is able to send other signals. Activate an alarm (or other signal) to verify that basic communication setup is correct.

Try to send a manual test report. At the keypad, key the installer code + 5 +1. SYSTEM MUST BE READY with no bypassed zones (communicator can not be active). If the test is successful, Keypad will display "Phone Okay" or "Cd" on Fixed English Keypads. If this test fails the keypad will display "Comm Failure" or FC on fixed-English keypads. To exit this mode hit Installers code + off.

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Robert L Bass

Here's how I do it....

Drive back to the office (or my home), turn on programming computer, fire up Compass, connect to panel, double check field programming, set clock and set test time.

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Crash Gordon

Thanks Robert, Could not find the FAQ when I went looking for it... As this is an (ADT) re-labeled Vista panel I am weary of altering to many aspects of the programming.

Good health to you, and thanks a bunch.


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I know isn't it marvelous.... you get back and the panel won't answer cause the client turned the answering machine back on or set the auto answer on his fax to 2 rings... I don't use Compass as this is likely to be one of a very few ADT/Vista Panels. I do enjoy Winload however for the Paradox product line as it gives me peace of mind when I have an in-house backup of the clients profile and ability to verify what I did out in the field. I have tried the DSC software not impressed with the first presentation that I got plus the so called proprietary modem requirment they claim is needed.. Our meat and potatoes here is the Paradox line and as such we are satified, may have heard in this newsgroup that it is also relabeled in some markets?

Thks to all poster


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I can understand that. Pushing buttons is hard work... Just ask George Jetson. :-)

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Frank Olson

You don't wipe clean then programming when you do a takeover? Could be an ouchie.

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