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X10 CM19A drivers/apps for Windows 10?
Does anyone know of any apps that would allow me to use a USB CM19A on Windows 10? It worked fine on Win 8, but I can't find anything that works under Win 10. I use USB CM15A model on Windows 7 and...
2 years ago 9
Homerunner RBI For Sale
Not using it any longer, works fine...$300 + shipping
3 years ago
Switchur is a free online automation orchestrator that extends consumer iPaaS (IFTTT, Zapier, etc)
In 2014, the US Environmental Protection Agency concluded in a report that consumers could reduce energy usage up to 30% by using smarter automation s chedules for programmable devices. In 2017, the...
4 years ago
Energy use in "off mode" with X10 modules and LED light bulbs
Does anyone know if there are any ill effects from using LED lamps with X10 modules. It is pretty well known that when "off", the LED's dim but stay lit. If I do not care bout them being completely...
5 years ago 11
Need help with Compact Fluorescent
Need help with Compact Fluorescent California Home Our vanity bathroom has a 26W Nutone Compact Fluorescent 2 pin light / with fan - ceiling light. ( the light appears to be about 9 inches long) It is...
14 years ago 8
Simpl Windows Crestron
Hello I am interested in obtaining Simpl Windows however it it only availible for crestron dealers. It used to be a free download but I cannot find it anywere. Please let me know if anyone has access...
15 years ago 2
IR543 and Macros
I have a CM11a computer module with a couple macros set up in it. I also have the Transceiver Module (RR501) and an IR543. I have to have the IR543, so my Universal IR Remote can control my X10. When...
15 years ago 2
Automatic Cabinet Door Opener
What is the best way to automate the opening/closing of a TV cabinet door? I was looking at linear actuators but the price is steep for my application. Jim Check a company called "Auton" as they may...
16 years ago 3
OUTDOOR X10 outlet?
I use an X10-controlled outlet to control my low voltage landscape lights. The existing outlet just died (circuit breaker clicks three times when I attempt to turn it on) after about 3 years of use,...
16 years ago 8
X10 switches - using ground instead of neutral
That's got to be one of the worst "ideas" I've ever heard! Wouldn't it be better to get switches that don't require a neutral? See Lets see a ground is a...
17 years ago 12
ws12a decorator dimmer problem
i have a couple dimmer switches that are a few years old now. and they seem to have lost local control. i can operate them with x10 signals, but pushing the switch locally does nothing. i have even...
17 years ago 6
Best Starter - 4 Security Camera - DVR System
I have been asked to set up a 4 camera Security System for a small Retail store. I was in a store the other day in which they sell . Is this a good brand? This stuff fascinates me and I love just...
17 years ago 10
CVBS video signal
I want to take a CVBS signal from a DVD player to the other end of the room, some 20'. What's the max length cable CVBS will run over (these are phono style connectors, not SCART ones)? Secondly, I...
17 years ago 2
Free to good home: X10 stuff
I have a boatload of X10 crap... I mean, good stuff! ... but I'm down to on e X10-based device in my house, and it's *not* irreplaceable, so I'm contem plating getting rid of 95% or maybe 100% of my...
2 years ago 3
Signal tracer / cable toner recommendations?
My two-part signal tracer / cable toner apparently grew legs. Leastwise I need a new one. Any recommendations based on experiences (I can google too)? I would like it to be general-purpose including...
15 years ago 6
new Android app for Omni Pro II, Omni IIe, OnmiLte user
Like Leviton SnapLink Mobile App, NQLink work with Leviton Security&Automat ion Omni/Lumina familly Controller. NQLink use latest technology for connec tion and data processing, NQLink much faster on...
4 years ago
How to connect cable modem to OnQ 1x12 Telecom w/ WAN
Hi, Just got a new home with an OnQ panel and completely lost as to how to connect the router and cable modem to the OnQ system in order to access internet connection from every room. I've tried...
16 years ago 6