CVBS video signal

I want to take a CVBS signal from a DVD player to the other end of
the room, some 20'. What's the max length cable CVBS will run over
(these are phono style connectors, not SCART ones)?
Secondly, I already have an unused 75ohm aerial coax run buried
in the building fabric and emerging in exactly the right places.
Can I route the CVBS signal directly across this? What's the
characteristic impedance of the CVBS phono type cable (I found a
reference saying the SCART version is 75ohms)?
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Andrew Gabriel
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According to:
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20 feet should be no problem for 75 ohm coax. But I never tried it myself.
regards, Johnny.
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Thanks for that. I need to buy a few connectors or adapters before I can check it out.
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