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I have a boatload of X10 crap... I mean, good stuff! ... but I'm down to on e X10-based device in my house, and it's *not* irreplaceable, so I'm contem plating getting rid of 95% or maybe 100% of my X10 stuff.

My question: Does anyone want this? I don't think I want or need any money for it. If no one wants it I'll just give it to Goodwill (once they open up again....).

I'd keep my CM17 and a wall switch. And if either of those die, then it's g oodbye X10! (Which, seriously, I've been using/hacking since 1982 (right?), when Ciracia's Circuit Cellar, in BYTE Magazine, first turned me onto it!) And yes, some of it might be that old! (Well not likely. And some of it is only a couple years old; you takes what you gets. But it all works, AFAIK. )

Complete description on request. We're talkin' perhaps a couple dozen sende rs and receivers of various vintages and manufacture.

PS - I tried to send this to the old Heyu Users mail list on Yahoo, but gav e up after three rejections. Fine! ;-)

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I still have about 20 X10 devices in use and would not mind having some spares. I'd like to be selective, though, so if you have a taker for the whole lot, go that route.

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Mike Bell

Mike, I think I have found a home for them - and it's local to me!

Sorry, Rob

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Rob Cranfill

The gear has found a home, I think - and it's going just 5 miles from my home, so I don't have to ship it! :-) Small world. - rob

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