How to connect cable modem to OnQ 1x12 Telecom w/ WAN

Just got a new home with an OnQ panel and completely lost as to how to
connect the router and cable modem to the OnQ system in order to access
internet connection from every room. I've tried calling OnQ and the
builder and none were helpful.
I have a 1x12 Telecom with WAN, cable internet access and a router.
What is the best way to hook these up? The 1x6 Telecom Module has the
Line In and 6 connectors all wired. There is a cat5 running from the
test/bridge jack to the bridge in jack on the 6 Port Telecom Expansion.
There are no wires connected to any of the 6 connectors on the Telecom
Expansion. Do I have to do some sort of wire patching on the
connectors? How do I do it?
I have limited knowledge about telecom and networking so please help me
out! Thanks!
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There are a number of ways these modules can be set up, and it depends some on the jack configuration in the room. Can you post some pictures of your cabinet, on the 'net somewhere? It'd be more helpful than a textual description.
In general, though, you connect patch cords from each port on your router to the cabinet jacks which correspond to the room jacks you want to use.
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E. Lee Dickinson
You're talking wired ethernet, right? Then you've got to connect a wall-plate RJ45 socket eventually to a switch, which is in turn connected to the router and then on to the cable modem. I don't know the OnQ stuff but it sounds like you've got patching setup for the phone part of the telco. What about ethernet? What's in each room? One or two RJ45 jacks with CAT5?
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Can't find my digicam anywhere, but here's a pic of the module from a product manual I found on the web.
formatting link
My module looks just like it, but the 1x6 telecom is all connected with wires from the line in and the connectors 1-6. My expansion module has no wires connected to it just like it shows in the picture except for the cat 5 in the "bridge in" socket. When you mean patch cords do you mean splitting up a cat5 (that is connected to the router) and punching them into the expansion module connectors?
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The module you have is for voice / phone, not for ethernet distribution.
Hopefully you have an additional run of Cat5 to each room, tucked in to the bottom of your cabinet or in the wall cavity underneath it. If that's the case, you can terminate that cable with RJ45 males, and plug them into the ports on your router; or you could punch them into a RJ45 patch bay. (OnQ 363486-01 for example)
Alternately, it IS possible to run Network AND phone in the same cable, but you'll need to repunch your exiting cables, splitting some pairs to the data side and some to the voice side.
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E. Lee Dickinson
I am in a similar position as bobcat. I have the house wired for ethernet, and the OnQ panel downstairs, but I am not sure how to connect in the cable modem, or a router. I am also a novice when it comes to networking and telecom.
Is it the case that a router has to be connected to the cat5 cable for each room? And if that is the case, how do I figure out which cable goes with which room? The wiring in the box is not very well labeled.
If it woulr help, I will try to get a picture of the panel and post it.
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If your panel does not already include a router or a switch, you will need one to provide the data out to each jack. If you stick a pic on the web somewhere, we can tell you exactly where to plug it in.
As for determining which cable is which, Home Depot has a ~$70 tone set that works fairly well, but it might be less of a headache and cheaper to rent or borrow a better one. Plug one end into the jack, and then wave the reciever around the cables. The one that tones loudest is the one you're connected to.
I've had trouble toning out wires, since they tend to be all bundled together which get some induced crosstalk on each line, so I've taken to using a 9v battery on a Cat5 plug, and an LED on the other end. Works a treat.
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