OUTDOOR X10 outlet?

I use an X10-controlled outlet to control my low voltage landscape
lights. The existing outlet just died (circuit breaker clicks three
times when I attempt to turn it on) after about 3 years of use, and I
guessing that exposing an indoor-rated outlet to outdoor temperatures
might have had something to do with it.
I've done some searching, and I can't find any X10 outlets rated for
outdoor use. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing?
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Ian Pilcher
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This is a common failure mode of the X10 outlets, inside or out. I have had 4 X10 outlets outside for years. One seems to fail this way when it gets real cold, -10 or below. Two are under a 2' eve and 2 are behind outdoor outlet covers. When I use these, I cover them with plastic to keep then dry. I have had problems with the switches not making good contact on some codes. I guess this is some kind of corrosion or dirt deposit.
Ian Pilcher wrote:
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Art Todesco
I live in Hawaii and they perform no better here. I've stopped replacing them and instead use a standard outlet with an Appliance Module. The "Wet Location In-Use" boxes at Home Depot provide all weather protection.
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I second the appliance module in the protected box.
Another option if you can get to the feed to the outdoor box before it exits your house is to put an inline switch module inside. I've done this for my outside lights.
I just put a 1-gang J-box in the garage before the line went outside and hooked up a "fixture relay" in the box.
You'll probably want one of the non-dimming ones. Check out the options at
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BruceR wrote:
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I had an interior Leviton X10 outlet fail exactly the same way after only a few months. It is a little plastic piece behind the solenoid that breaks. Too bad it wasn't made out of metal, but that would have cost them a few cents more. Cold temperatures may make the plastic more brittle.
I installed a X10 relay wall switch in series with the outlet to solve the problem. If that's possible in your situation, it would be a clean solution for your exterior lights.
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Jeff Volp
I just had a Leviton receptacle fail too, after only 3 months. How does Leviton handle warranty claims?
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Stu Alden
Not sure - I didn't pursue it myself on this one.
I did have a problem with Leviton MicroDim switches in the past. They had me send in one of the switches for evaluation, and eventually replaced the defective lot. As I recall, I got their address from their website.
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Jeff Volp
On Fri, 23 Sep 2005 20:26:58 GMT, Mitch wrote in message :
If you want to stay compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local codes, you can't have a receptacle that is 'dimmed'. It can be switched on-off, however.
Hopefully one of the emerging X-10 competitors will become useful in replacing x-10 dimming modules retrofitted to lamp bases.
In a more perfect world X10 Inc and Leviton would be made to repay folks that have spent time and $ for their failure to upgrade the plastic part in the SR227 X-10 duplex outlet. They've know about this defect for years and years. It betrays a contempt for the consumer that is part of the reason I avoid buying anything from these companies anymore.
Marc Marc_F_Hult
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Marc F Hult
I have a RadioShack X10-compatible outlet installed in a waterproof J-box in my backyard. It controls the "umbrella lights" and has been working well for almost a year in this capacity, faithfully turning the lights on and off each night. Maybe it's due to our mild weather here, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
For our low-voltage lights, I have two separate transformers (one for the front, one for the back yard) on two separate circuits; these are installed in the garage. One of them is rather hefty (600W). These are both connected to RadioShack appliance modules and these have been working flawlessly for about three years.
I'm certain RS sources their parts from X10, but in my experience, they have worked quite well, especially considering they were around $12 each.
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