zonealarm and svchost program

I am using zonealarm on a pc. each time the pc startw the zonealarm comes with an message "generic host process want to access the internet."

"the program has not asked before.."

thats the strange part. Even if i am saying yes and "remember", the next time it shows the same message. The "generic host process want to access the internet." is not saved in the "zonealarm program list" of program that has requested access.

When examine the pc the rootkitrevealer - program shows some files from zonealarm showing differencies.

Although I am using avg and spybot and spywareblaster and sometimes uses virus scanners from the web I have not found anything.

Is this something I should take serious and any suggestions what to do ?

Anders K

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Sincere condolences.

Of this strange message. Better drop Zone Alarm and don't use software, which confuses you with senseless messages.

If I would hack a malware today, perhaps I would use DCE RPC to communicate to the outside ;-) Nearly everybody in any "Personal Firewall" already has clicked on "allow forever" for the most annoying popups ;-)

Yours, VB.

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