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Probably a naive question, but its been bugging me since I upgraded to Windows XP...

Is there any way of getting Zonealarm to display more than 4 program icons at the top of its screen, indicating which programs are currently 'interacting' with the internet. When I used Windows 98 this usually sufficed, but with Generic Host Process taking 2 of the slots I don't know what else is hiding out of sight. As I say, its probably something that hasn't even bothered anyone else but you'd think that Zonealarm would at least give itself room...



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On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 01:05:59 +0100, "Mat"

mysteriously appeared thru the usenet mist to inform us thus...

I know the problem but there's no box to tick to change this.

The best way of looking to see what apps are currently using the firewall is to look down the list of apps and look for the coloured blob against those running.

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