Symantec 5420 Hardware Reference

I hope this is not off-topic. Please redirect me if there is a better newsgroup.

I have acquired a Symantec 5420 Gateway Security Appliance with the 3.0 software.

I am looking at upgrading the hardware portion from the Celeron processor and 40 GB HDD to higher end components. Full Pentium CPU and

80 GB HDD. I *DO* have the CD's to reload the SGS 3.0 software.

I would like to know if there are any hardware reference manuals or links to performing such an upgrade. The Symantec site docs are not helpful beyond as-built configurations.

Will a new HDD be recognized and fully utilized and formatted upon a reload after installation of a larger HDD? I acknowledge that it would be easy enough to perform the experiment, but I would like to know a-priori.

Any suggestions and stories on upgrades much appreciated.


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