Troubles using WS_FTP Pro with Zone Alarm Pro under XP

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Hi All:

Just rebuilt my machine (i.e., low-level formats on all SCSI drives, complete new, clean install of OS and all apps) and now seem to have trouble accessing FTP sites using WS_FTP Pro v9.01 with Zone Alarm Pro active (v5.5.062) active.

NOTE: I have installed XP's SP2 but have turned off its firewall.

The trouble is that for all sights connecting takes very long, and on one site inparticular, once connected I cannot see any files or directories (I know I'm connected b/c I can see the results in the Connection Log window).

Note: I can open a command-prompt and FTP straight away, i.e., I connect qucikly, get prompted for user & pass and then can move about seeing all dirs & files.

Zone Alarm has been set to "Allow" the WS_FTP Pro client access to the Internet.

If I close Zone Alarm, and then use WS_FTP Pro to coonect, all goes quickly and I can once again see all files & directories.

Any ideas on what to do/try?

Don't want to have ZA closed whenever I FTP, and yet don't want to be forced to use the command-prompt level FTP capabilities.


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This may have something to do with FTP having two modes, passive and active (i think the other is active). Anyway in one of these two mode FTP is a dynamic protocol. It opens one port usually 21 to send commands and another port to send data. It sounds like ZA is allowing the commands port (ie. you are connecting) but not allowing the data port (ie. you cannot see folders, copy files etc). You have two options if this is the case:

  1. Try to find on google how to config ZA for FTP in active mode.
  2. Get your FTP app to connect using Passive mode.

Cheers P.

PS. the commands prompt FTP must use passive mode.

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Peter Piper

Ftp protocols are hard to deal with when setting up a firewall. Active FTP and Passive FTP have different requirements. For details, see: Active FTP vs Passive FTP

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Active FTP connection requirements TCP; remote port 21; local port 1025-5000; outgoing TCP; remote port 20; local port 1025-5000; incoming

Passive FTP connection requirements TCP; remote ports 20,21,1025-65535; local ports 1025-5000; incoming/outgoing.

I have the Active rules enabled all the time. When I can't make an FTP connection, I then go to the firewall and temporarily enable the Passive rule. Seems to me most connection are on Active FTP. Casey

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I've been using ZA free and WS_FTP LE for several years. Because of the firewall, make sure that WS_FTP is set to passive mode.

Good luck,


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