Zone Alarm - free to Pro and back, now high is problem


I cannot advise you directly, but I can say that we had the free version (sorry, but I no longer have the Version number) on 5 systems on our Win2000 net.

We had incredibly difficult intermittent problems browsing our intranet until we removed ZA from all systems. Merely shutting it down had no benefit.

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Hi, I also use ZoneAlarmPro, v 4.5.594. I tried the new upgrades, 5 and up, but they were just not stable on my W98 machine. W98 is not supported for the newer version above 4, and just doesn't work well with them. If you keep your setup.exe files, then you can just uninstall the current version, and re install the older version. ZAP won't quit working because you don't pay. Some options will stop working, like the Alert Advisor access. Do a clean uninstall to get rid of all the files, since you've lost internet access. That should remove that problem.

Go to the ZoneLabs Forums through the interface, and find the instructions there. Make sure you uncheck the Load at startup tab and the protect the client tab before you uninstall it. You can find a link to download the 4.5.594 version on the History page. Good luck.

charlie R




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charlie R

Had the free version of Zone Alarm, but inadvertently updated to the pro version, which then ran without issue for a few days.

Without warning, no access to the internet suddenly occurred, and on investigation, it was then we discovered the pro version was installed.

We assumed that the pro version had stopped working as we hadn't paid any upgrade fee - access to the net was possible when we turned off the firewall - so we decided to completely uninstall the app, and re-install a 'fresh' version of the free edition.

Since then, we cannot set the firewall to high and get access, it has to be set at medium, which causes concern as it is not where it should be.

I've googled for this, but not found any immediate answer, so can anyone throw some light on what might be occurring?

It's a Win98 machine that connects using a 'standard' USB ADSL modem.

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