Zone alarm randomly blocks DNS request to gateway

Hi All -

I have a win xp sp2 with zone alarm pro 5 plugged behind a wireless/NAT router with dhcp enabled.

Zone alarm has picked up the network ip number and subnet correctly, and it works great... most of the time.

For some reason Zone alarm seems to block RANDOMLY udp packets to port

53 on my router. For example:

- I browse all day using firefox, no problem

- then maybe after 1 houri browse to google. I get DNS error and ZA logs the block

- I open the command line and ping, no problem there

- I open IE and the site works

- i reopen firefox and it works again... or not, it's random

Firefox is configured the same as IE in the 'program list'.

I'm stumped. Any help or pointer would be greatly appreciated!



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Steve Anon
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Answering my own question ...

Basically to avoid this problem you need to either:

1- add router to trusted zone 2- check 'allow outgoing dns' in advanced options

Why it's random we'll never know I suppose...


Steve An> Hi All -

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