get http error 500 internal server error

I use win xp home edition and use Zone Alarm Pro latest version 5.5

All of a sudden one of my pc is not able to browse the internet altho it can send and receive emails. I use internet explorer V6 and everything was working fine until today. I have checked all of my settings of Zone Labs and IE is set up as trusted application.

When I try to access a web site, I gete "http error 500 internal server error" message. My other PCs on my home network have no problems.

Regards, Sachi from Japan

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Sachi Noma
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One additional note:

When I turn off Zone Alarm Pro, I am able to access the internet using IE.

Regards, Sachi

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Sachi Noma

Dear Everyone

I have solved my problem of not being able to connect to the internet although I was able to send and receive emails.

Solution was very simple: I uninstalled ZAP and re-installed again.

Thank you for your support

Best regards, Sachi from Japan

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