FYI ZoneAlarm ZoneAlarm Pro Problems on an XP Home cpr

I had seen posts about problems with ZA 6 but had not experienced any until I installed ZoneAlarm Pro My cpr acted just as W98 did when resources got low. It hung on apps, activity was slow, and in general I thought I had a hardware problem. I decided to uninstall ZoneAlarm Pro and install, again, ZoneAlarm 5.5.094 to see if it was the root of the problem. I can only conclude that it was when my problems disappeared. ZoneAlarm 5.5.094 is fine, and it returned control of my cpr to me. Regards Buddy b

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Buddy b
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I had the same problem with For whatever reason, it installed perfectly fine, but the first time I rebooted, the main app would get stuck on startup, and a look at the task manager showed that it was constantly starting and stopping, which of course created massive system lag due to all the disk activity.

I dropped down to the previous V6 release (6.0.27,i think) and have not had a problem since.

And before anyone tells me just to use the XP firewall, I use ZA on a laptop the frequents "public" broadband connections. The more layers of security, the better.

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